Can you tell me is the meal plan included in the room & baord or is that a seperate charge?

What transportation is available for Merrimack freshman students that need to get to Logan Airport at Thanksgiving and Christmas break?

Is the orientation from Aug 30 to Sept 4 for commuters also? Is there a schedule of events?

How can I view my student\'s bill? Is there an online billing and payment system to log onto? How can I make electronic banking and credit card payments?

How can I change my major before fall classes start? I am currently majoring in Psychology but would like to change to business. Let me know.

My son graduates 2013, could you tell me what date graduation day is?

What type of computer do you recommend incoming Freshman use. Does the Merrimack College have any specials deals available to their students? Can we purchase one directly through Merrimack?

I thought I had set up a divorce parents account for 50% of 2012-2013 tuition for my son Jeremy Fischer-Block, but I haven\'t received any confirmation. I wondering if I didn\'t do correctly...Thank you! Bruce Block 781-631-5677

What type of transportation is available for students to get into Boston?

When is Parent Family Weekend

Are there campus visits during the summer?

Are there campus visits during the summer?

When do incoming freshmen report?

when and how do you find out about financial aid letter?

Meal plans for freshman

can wait-listed students attend the accepted student day? And are you ranked in the wait-list or are you chosen randomly? thanks

Are freshman allowed to have cars on campus as the 2012 regulations?

I can\'t seem to find information on submitting the acceptance deposit. Do I just mail a check to the Admissions office? Thank you.

Is this a list available as to what a new student should bring on campus for dorm living?

is there an application fee for undergrad application

your city

How much does it cost to go to Merrimack for a year...undergrad$

Is there an ATM on campus?

Are religion classes required?

How do we visit campus?

Can freshman have cars on campus?

Are there laundry facilities on campus?

When is parent weekend?

What dorms are available for freshmen?

Application process

can a student defer acceptance and financial award for one year? Student has completed AA in early college program. How do we find out which credits will transfer?

My son applied on line for admission -- how will he find out when a decision has been made?

We sent an application to the Merrimack address and not the admissions office in Randolph. Will you still receive the info. Thanks Donna

Is the application portal up and running to check the status of the student\'s application yet?--thank you

How can my son or daughter apply to Merrimack?

How many letters of recommendation are required?

Are SAT/ACT scores required?

What are the deadlines to apply?

What is the difference between Early Decision and Early Action?

What is the FAFSA and when should I fill it out?

About Merrimack

The \"schedule a visit\" link does not work.

How any students are in the engineering program at Merrimack?

I can\'t find the total cost to attend Merrimack; including tuition and room and board for an undergraduate Freshman incoming Sept. 2012???

Does MC offer academic services?

How can I keep track of my child's classes/grades online?

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