Senior Year, an Emotional Rollercoaster (for me, at least)

6 Oct

Andrea DeAngeloNot a day goes by that we aren’t receiving either brochures, postcards and even telephone calls from different colleges with information about their programs or inviting us to their open houses.  Having “been there and done that”, we still keep the information as maybe to pass it on to someone else.  But it’s all about moving on and what lies ahead.   At the same time, we are receiving letters from the guidance counselor to set up meetings to make sure everything is all set and in order…Do you have your recommendations in mind?  Have you asked the teacher if they would be kind enough to write a recommendation for you?   Of course these are the same questions we as parents have already asked but….(eye roll…please!)  we get the answers like:  “I told you that I met with Ms….the other day! You probably didn’’t hear me!”  Stop worrying, Mr……said that they would be happy to write my recommendation for me.  Okay…okay…I get the drift. Oh yes…here are twenty sharpened pencils…don’t forget SAT’s are on Saturday @8.  Guess who is not going out on Friday night and what kind of bagel would you like for breakfast.

However, at the same time that we are moving on, we received a note from the yearbook advisor – another person touching base to make sure that we know the deadlines for Senior pictures and if we would like to write any parent words and they would like to have them in by the end of November.  Wait…one more thing- BABY PICTURES or any candid shots from pre-school or elementary school.  We just started to concentrate on moving on….now you want me to move back? Ugh!  Now you want me/us to start looking through albums to pick out a picture for the yearbook?  You want me to pretend not to cry?  That was seventeen years ago when the only thing we thought about for college was how much we were going to put away that month in the “account” that was set up when they were born.  One step forward…two steps back.

All these steps both forward and back are fortunately happy and exciting times but the mixed emotions are starting to set in-the same ones I had seventeen years ago….how are they….are they going to be okay…how am I going to know if they need something?   Seventeen years ago they couldn’t tell us and now at seventeen and older even though they may want to tell us – will they?

Am I the only one feeling this way? I hope to read your comments – somehow it will act as my calming agent – a “we’re all in this together” mentality.

I guess I will continue with the same feeling I have had….it will get done and it will be fine….but I’ll save the baby pictures for another day.

Andrea DeAngelo, all-star mom of Marc and Anthony. I’ve sent my oldest son, Marc, off to college and now it’s Anthony’s turn. Trust me, it’s different ball game this time! Here is my take on tackling the admissions & college search process.

2 Responses to “Senior Year, an Emotional Rollercoaster (for me, at least)”

  1. Helen Colford October 12, 2011 at 12:21 am #

    Thought this was a great idea. As Mom’s the senior year can be almost as stressful for us as our child. Have to keep them on top of everything and also pretend that it doesn’t bother you that they are “leaving the nest.” Not looking forward to the “empty nest.” Want to enjoy this time looking at schools with my son, and hoping he will take some of my advice regarding what schools, majors, etc. will be good for him. One of my biggest concerns unfortunately is financial aid. I am a single disabled Mom and the amount of money that he receives in financial aid will ultimately make the decision for us. It makes me sad that this is what it comes down too, but when he starts talking about 40, schools I have to let him know that is all comes down to financial aid. I am sure so many parents are in “the same boat”

  2. Andrea DeAngelo October 13, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    Helen, I’m glad I am not the only one! On the financial aid side of things, I believe that it never hurts to call up the school’s financial aid office and make an appointment. Be sure to meet all the deadlines for financial aid materials and write them a letter about your situation. Keep the conversation flowing and never be afraid to ask questions – that’s what the offices are there for!

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