The Graduation Whirlwind

15 May

Having two graduation ceremonies a few weeks apart has me feeling like I am in a whirlwind.  Marc is on his way home and Anthony is getting ready to leave.

The latest to-do/decision for Anthony is to rank his preference of residence halls at Merrimack. Our only suggestion was to try to get a few different opinions from current students. The Resident Assistants (R.A.’s) are great and are available to help.  If you have any questions regarding dorm information, check the Merrimack website or call Residence Life (978-837-5507) for assistance. Another factor in the housing experience is living with a roommate.  That is a personal choice.  Some students prefer to live with someone they know while others are just as happy meeting and living with someone that they may have met at Orientation or are satisfied with someone assigned by Residence Life.

Dorm life is not only a new experience for the student but for the parents as well.  Think back to pre-school and elementary school, when we, as parents, were the first facilitators of our child’s social life.  You encouraged your child to make friends with the students in their class and arranged “play dates”.  As your child got older and into the upper elementary grades and middle school, they made different friends depending on the activities or athletics they were involved in and little by little your child made friends on their own but you still had a little influence and by high school, you hoped for the best that they were making good decisions. Now they are embarking on a whole new experience – making decisions and meeting new people – but this time you are not the facilitators, they are!

So as I move around in this whirlwind, I have only good, positive thoughts in my head.  Senior week is just around the corner and then onto Graduation. Then, I will help Marc unpack and help Anthony decide what he wants to pack, all while I cross my fingers and say a little prayer or two that all will be well.

Andrea DeAngelo, all-star mom of Marc and Anthony. I’ve sent my oldest son, Marc, off to college and now it’s Anthony’s turn. Trust me, it’s different ball game this time! Here is my take on tackling the admissions & college search process.

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