The Second Time Around

12 Apr

The Accepted Student Reception at Merrimack was both informative and enjoyable.  Although it was easier to travel around the campus because we were familiar with our surroundings, I still found myself fixated on Anthony’s reaction throughout the day- the same way I fixated four years ago when we attended the reception with Marc.   What I noticed both times was a sense of calm and comfort which made me happy because although I loved many qualities of Merrimack I hoped they would notice those same qualities without me mentioning them first.

When we sat in the Rogers Center listening to the speakers – Anthony was attentive and when I suggested we sit in on one of the academic sampler classes I was pleasantly surprised by his polite compliance.  Surprisingly, the only “eye roll” was when I asked him more than a couple of times what he thought of the food – he asked me to stop being a “haunt” as he told me more than once that the food tasted good.

We met up with a few friends and their parents for lunch and were curious as to how their experience was. We were pleased to hear that they were very happy with what they heard and saw.   They were impressed by the friendliness of the staff and how they went above and beyond to answer questions and provide directions.

All in all, the second time around went as well as the first time.  Both times I was nervous that they might not see what I saw but apparently they did and what they saw convinced them that Merrimack would be a great fit for them and for all of us.  So, now that we have that part under control, it is time to finish the senior year on a positive note. Enjoy the last month of school and make Graduation a memorable experience.

Andrea DeAngelo, all-star mom of Marc and Anthony. I’ve sent my oldest son, Marc, off to college and now it’s Anthony’s turn. Trust me, it’s different ball game this time! Here is my take on tackling the admissions & college search process.

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