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College essay tips from a mother-daughter duo

18 Oct

A few weeks ago I posted about my experience about Anthony writing his college essay. I found this article on and thought it would be helpful to share.

By the way – I love this idea! The writers of this blog “TWICE THE COLLEGE ADVICE” are Julie and Lindsey Mayfield, a mother-daughter duo tackling the college experience for the first time. Julie is a finance blogger at The Family CEO and the mother of two: a son in high school who is weighing his college options, and a daughter, Lindsey, who is a sophomore studying journalism and political science at the University of Kansas.


7 Tips for Parents and Students to Master College Essays
For some…

Be our guest at Homecoming next weekend!

14 Oct

Homecoming Weekend is October 21-23 and campus will be buzzing with warrior pride as students, parents and alumni enjoy a full schedule of activities including fireworks, hot air balloon rides, fan fest and a slew of home athletic games. It’s the perfect day to visit campus and take in the electric atmosphere!

On Saturday, October 22, we invite you to come to a 10:30am Merrimack 101 session and tour, followed by a BBQ and football game (MC vs. Stonehill), as our guest. Check out some photos from last year and sign up for this special Homecoming visit!

Senior Year, an Emotional Rollercoaster (for me, at least)

6 Oct

Andrea DeAngeloNot a day goes by that we aren’t receiving either brochures, postcards and even telephone calls from different colleges with information about their programs or inviting us to their open houses.  Having “been there and done that”, we still keep the information as maybe to pass it on to someone else.  But it’s all about moving on and what lies ahead.   At the same time, we are receiving letters from the guidance counselor to set up meetings to make sure everything is all set and in order…Do you have your recommendations in mind?  Have you asked the teacher if they would be kind enough to write a recommendation for you?   Of course these are the same questions we as parents…