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The occasional “eye-roll”

13 Sep

Andrea DeAngeloThe “second time around” has been both an easy and difficult transition. It has been easier because we as parents are experienced in the college search and the application process. We knew right away, that Anthony did not want a “large school” and he really did not want to live out of state so even with just these two criteria, it made the search a little easier. The difficultly lies in the anticipation of the application process. The waiting, the what ifs, and those are stressful not only to the applicant but to the parents.

I find the “one day, one issue” at a time approach works well. Do little bits each day. You will find that you have more…

Get to know Merrimack’s new Dean of Admissions, Mark Barrett

7 Sep

Tell us a little bit about your past (school, jobs).
I did my undergraduate work at the University of Evansville in So. Indiana. I also worked there just over 3 years after graduation as an Admissions Counselor.  Most recently I worked at the University of Indianapolis where I also completed a M.A. in History. I worked at UIndy for 7 years.

Do you have one piece of advice for parents?
Let your student make the ultimate decision on where to attend but helpfully steer them along the way in terms of places they should consider.  Ask the right questions to the colleges and universities, but empower the student to be active in the process, after all, it’s their education.


Welcome, one and all!

6 Sep

Welcome to our blog! This page is just for you, the all-important parent of a soon-to-be college freshman. Browse around, check out our upcoming events and take part in the conversation (comments are welcome!)

Just for fun, did you see our freshman move-in day flash mob?